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# Facebook整合: ***** ***** 利用官方插件: [Facebook Business Extension (]( ***** 文档:[FBE Magento Manual Final (Approved 04/13/21)]( ## 基本功能: ## 1. 刊登商品到Facebook,然后可以投放广告。 Your product catalog is automatically uploaded to Facebook after the integration setup is completed. After that, whenever a product is being edited or deleted, changes will be automatically synced to Facebook. You can also make an additional push of the full catalog at **Stores -> Configuration -> Facebook -> Business Extension -> Catalog Management -> Push Products** ![]( 刊登商品,数据同步后,进入facebook后台看看 ![]( ### dynamic ads: Uploading your product catalog to Facebook allows you to use dynamic ads. ***** ## 2. Facebook pixel 跟踪像素功能。 Pixel Installer Installing the Facebook pixel allows you to access the following features: ● Conversion tracking: See how successful your ad is by seeing what happened as a direct result of your ad (including conversions and sales). ● Optimization: Show your ads to people most likely to take a specific action after clicking on them, such as adding an item to their cart or making a purchase. ● Remarketing: When people visit your website, reach them again and remind them of your business with an ad on Facebook. ● 基于插件,自定义事件埋点 ## 3,店铺功能 Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping ![]( ***** ***** ## 关于pixel问题, 网站做好之后,一个重要的事情就是要进行推广,投放广告。而为了追踪广告的效果,衡量广告的ROI,就需要在网站上安装各种各样的代码,检测用户的行为事件,以及最终生成了多少订单。这么一个流程,就需要配合各大广告平台安装对应的代码,而facebook的像素,就是其中一个很重要的部分。 浏览器安装 Facebook Pixel Helper 插件,方便检查pixel是否正常上传事件。 注意: pixel不能上传数据,解决方法: ![](images/screenshot_1637569329226.png) [FB事件报错?解决办法在这里!|facebookpixel|dns|服务器|verification|域名解析|pixel (]( [【Facebook 重大改动】你的FB Pixel也被停用了?赶紧这样做…… - 知乎 (]( ![](images/screenshot_1637569248256.png) 然后pixel测试就正常了: ![](images/screenshot_1637569992009.png) ## 关于feed问题, ## 关于Facebook广告, ads , [一文看懂Facebook广告 | 新手入门帖 (]( ## 关于Facebook Messenger: Facebook Messenger,客服即时沟通 Use `Facebook Messenger` to chat with customers on your store or Facebook easily. [Magento 2 Facebook Messenger - response messages instantly (]( 聊天机器人:Messenger chatbot # Facebook数据应用 广告数据获取: 1,facebook api [图谱 API 参考 v12.0:Ads Insights (]( 2,supermetrics [The easiest way to move Facebook Ads data – Supermetrics]( ![](images/screenshot_1637667503641.png) ## supermetrics 怎么用? 1,新建 google sheets 2,安装插件 ![]( 3,配置需要的数据: 维度+指标 ![]( ![]( 4,抓取数据 / 设置 定时抓取数据